U8’s Match report vs Withycombe

Welcome to our first match report of the 2017/18 season.

This was the guys first game on a much larger pitch which was hoped would help the running game.

We played a friendly Withycombe side who bought enough children for two even sides.

Game one saw some great rugby from the team and Exeter ran out 7-3 winners.

The big change was the six tag turn over which really helped the team regain the ball and launch there own attacks.

Scorers Olie L-2 Louie -2 Dylan-1 Harry B-3

The second game was a little disjointed after the away team had two players bang heads meaning Stan and Jasmin played for the opposition.

Exeter ran out 9-3 winners with some great passing from the home team and some really destructive running from Stan in the away team.

The team was tied near the end as adjusting to the pitch size took its toll. A brilliant effort and some real positives to work on.

Scorers Harry B-2 Louie-2 Jenson-2 Olie L -3