MATCH REPORTS – U8s v Exeter Saracens

Today we had a short trip to Exeter Saracens, without Dave Barr as he was recovering from his 40th Birthday celebrations.

The team was Amarni, Jasmine, Micheal, Harry, Dylan, Jensen, Louie, Freddie and Ollie.

Match one 11 – 7 Exeter youth win

This started as a fairly close game, Ollie was 1st over the line for Youth closely followed by 2 tries from Louie.

Saracens were able to come back with their very tall player Albi who was able to side step through our fairly sleepy defence.

Having said that we did get a turnover ball which the boys passed down the line onto Harry who was on his toes running rings around the Sarries defence, and went crashing over the line. Freddie also had great positioning out wide he shouted for the ball, ran into the space and scored, half time the match was 5-3 to us.

When we came out after the break the boys and girls came out With some fire in their bellies, and they started to really put in some of their recent training.

Dylan was 1st over the line, and although we let Saracens Albi through quite a bit, Youth started to get hold of their tags, our defence was on fire and we got another turnover ball. Ollie then stormed down the pitch for another try. The tries kept coming from Youth, Jensen had a great run down the pitch to which he popped the ball to Dylan  who dived over the line. Louie got another try and Ollie another 2.

Match Two 11-9 Youth Win

This match was much closer with our tries being answered by Saracens scoring as well.

However we started with how we finished the last game, everyone had now woken up and they realised that they were going to have to work hard to win.

We started with Harry side stepping like a pro through the defence and diving over the line, next up was Jensen who realised if he just ran they can’t stop him and he too found the try line his 1st of the day.

Our defence was a brilliant team effort with Amarni, Jasmine, Freddie and Micheal getting some brilliant tags, which lead to another turnover ball.

Dylan, Ollie and Harry crossed the line making the half time score 5-5.

We continued to battle hard in the 2nd half and our players did us proud, they started really passing the ball around and supporting those that were running up the pitch. In this half our tries were scored by Jensen (2) Louie (3) and Harry (1) we also got our 4th turnover ball of the morning.

These boys and girls did us proud today, they were working well as a team and our side were the only ones to get turnover balls, if they could remember the long passed that they have been practising it would have been perfect.

Having said that they dug deep and put in an awesome performance.

Parents player of the week – Dylan Jones

Coaches player of the week – Micheal Bennett