Brixham v Exeter u8s match report

Match 1

Final Score: Brixham 5 Exeter 9

Team: Louis Ollie r Ollie l Freddie Alfie

Tries: Louis x 3 Freddie x 2 Ollie L x 4 Alfie

Half time Exeter up by 5 to 4. Good tagging by Exeter to get 6 tags and force the turnover giving Exeter the one try advantage in a close first half.

Ollie L with a diving try in the corner to end a good team move at the start of the second half.

Great Exeter tagging to give a second turnover of the game. Good team attacking play, Alfie finishing it with a good try.

From the restart exeter were snapping at Brixham’s heels. Great tagging by Louis taking three tags in one play.

Another 6 tag turnover by Exeter with Ollie R picking up his first tag of the game.

Great tag by Brixham on Ollie L to force a turnover. Exeter quickly back to the task taking 6 tags and forcing the turnover straight away, great teamwork. Louis finishing the move with another try.

Exeter finished the game very well with a convincing 4 try victory.

Match 2 Final Score: Brixham 4 Exeter 11

Team: As match 1 but thanks also to William from Brixham who joined the Exeter team to make 6 a side.

Tries: Louis x 5 Freddie x 4 Ollie l Alfie

Good start by Brixham, good passing ending with a try from the whistle.

Next play Louis try in the corner after good running by Freddie.

Exeter turnover with 6 tags from the whistle, great work by Exeter.

Freddie with another try in the corner after a short forward run by Ollie r.

Great defence by Exeter to get yet another 6 tag turnover.

Another long forward run from Freddie eventually scored by Ollie L.

Luke Tillen gifting a try to brixham 3 yards from the line! Should’ve gone to specsavers Coach Tillen 

Exeter followed with another 6 tag turnover.

Alfie with a half pitch run to score. Great work!

Half time Exeter 5 – 2

Some really good team play and Louis scoring a try in the corner from the whistle.

Another 6 tag turnover from Exeter, really quick off the mark to get the tags.

A final turnover by Exeter, great tagging to end the game. Another very convincing win for Exeter.

Well done to the ref and the coaches, we could tell it was hard work trying to stay silent!!

Team:- Stanley, Micheal, Harry, Dylan and Jensen

Match 1

In a closely fought 1st game the boys put in a spirited performance by which saw them score a string of tries. In the 1st half Dylan had quick feet and scored 4 tries, there were some great runs and pop up balls that saw Harry cross the line 3 times.

The boys did good tagging in this half and got some great turnover balls.

Half time 7-3 Exeter

The 2nd half Brixham fought back and put our boys under a lot more pressure, which saw play go from end to end tries. Brixham had a tall player who was very quick and our boys struggled to defend his nimble footwork, this made it a close half we had further tries from Jensen Harry (2) and Dylan (2)

Final score 12-9 Exeter win

Match 2

This was a much closer affair with the Brixham lads benefiting by having the advantage of subs with fresher legs.

It was another end to end try game and our boys played much better as a team,with the ball being passed around more freely. In the 1st half Dylan scored 3 and Harry 1

Half time score 4-6 Brixham

The 2nd half the boys knew the were going to have to work hard to get the score back and again it was end to end stuff. They managed to pull back the score early on in the half to be even Stevens although from there every time we scored they answered us with one. Micheal and Stanley had a few great runs up the pitch helping their team to cross the line. Try scorers in this half were Dylan (4) Harry and Jensen

Final score 10-11 Brixham win