U13’s Away to Newton Abbot

Well, where do I begin. Let me start on safe ground, the bacon bap. Nice roll; now I like my bacon crispy but this was cremated! And very salty. I certainly couldn’t have managed it without a beverage.

As for the game, well we started well enough and although Newton scored a break away try to Start there was a fantastic team try from Exeter. From a scrum against the head. Ball out to Ben who had a great game and finished off by James. I thought we looked fantastic at this point competing in all areas. And although Newton scored another breakaway try we were playing the better rugby as a team. How wrong could I be?

From here on in things didn’t go so well. In fact we took an absolute drubbing! Now don’t get me wrong the boys played some amazing bits of rugby. A tackle and drive from Joseph, Harry straightening up in the line, to name but a few. And yes our boys came off that pitch black and blue. But we didn’t lose because of the poor refereeing, or the unsportsmanlike behaviour or even because of bad temper parents (and that was just our lot). I am sure you are all aware I am not a fan of their win at all cost attitude. We lost because we missed crucial tackles at crucial moments. We lost because we didn’t compete in the ruck. When three players stand looking at the ball and one of the opposition ambles through to pick up the ball and run through for a try we are going to struggle.

I was very proud of the boys for doing the right thing and playing the last 10 minuets with a referee who had a better grasp of the rules and this was a much closer contest with Newton edging it 2-1.

My thought for the day:-

“Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,

The courage to change the things I can,

And wisdom to know the difference”.

I am sure the boys will learn from this outing and come back stronger for it.

Until next week….