U13’s face Taunton at home to start the season…..

And so here we are again. It seems like it was only days ago it all ended but that’s the end of your Sunday lie-ins. The first impression was big! In fact massive! The pitch of course. There was a great turn out with some new faces.


The second half started at quite a pace and a clever little kick through from Jack G and a real determined run from Sam lead to Exeter’s second try. Taunton’s response was pretty emphatic as one of their whippets cut lose and ran untouched from his own half through to a try. Now that the pitch was paying a toll on those fitness levels and some space was finally opening up for Taunton. Another try quickly followed and although most of the team play came from Exeter it was clear Taunton had individuals who could exploit the space. Another big effort from Exeter saw Leo go over to retake the lead. Unfortunately two swift try’s from Taunton and Exeter where behind for the the first time. The boys needed to show some real character and it came in the form of our true strength, a team effort. Some considered kicking from Dom, a big effort from the forwards before going down the line to the backs for Harry to go over. And with it a well deserved draw.

I seemed to miss Coaches and Parents player but the author’s choice was Harry I thought he played with some real class. And we learnt so much. It is probably just as important to understand who is going to finish the match as who is going to start. And if you want to referee on a full size pitch you probably need to be quite a bit fitter than me. 

Big thanks to Rob who reluctantly took on a fried egg bap for traditions sake. It’s that sort of commitment we need and sets a standard for our team. His conclusion was “most satisfying “.

Until next time…..