MATCH REPORTS – U9s v Brixham


Firstly I’d like to say how brilliant the whole team were today on Silent sideline meaning the team made their own decisions. We had two games going at once so we we had a smaller side. 

Team: Louis Trump, Reuben Murphy, Tom Madgwick, Aston Turton, Max Atkinson.

1st Quarter 6-5 to Exeter. 

An impressive start to the game with a Try within minutes from Reuben. There were some impressive tackles from Tom & Aston. Brixham’s defence was strong but with the help of the whole team Reuben got another try. 

Brixham were battling hard and got their first try. 

Restarting the ball with Louis starting and Aston receiving the ball while Max hung out on the wing ready to support. 

Amazing footwork from Tom along with a try. 

Brixham spread amazingly across the pitch and got another try. 

Restart and Reuben scored another try without anyone being able to catch him. Aston and Louis’s tackling was top draw and the whole team held their line trying their hardest to stop Brixham gaining another try but Brixham were strong and then scored another 3. Followed by Reuben scoring two more try’s before the break. 

2nd Quarter draw 4-4

It was Brixham who started stronger. Brixham were the first to score, although Exeter we’re battling hard. Reuben scored 2 more try’s. Brixham pushed hard to get passed Exeter’s defence with some great tackles making it hard for Brixham but they managed to get the try. Followed yet again Tom with amazing footwork dodging and getting a try. 

One of Brixhams players got hurt so Tom played for Brixham and Reuben got a try. You could see the Exeter players finding it amusing Tom was on the opposition. This didn’t stop Tom and he scored a try for Brixham. This made it close as Brixham got another Try. 

3rd Quarter Brixham 3, Exeter 6

Slight change to the team. 

Louis Trump, Reuben Murphy, Jack Mansfield, Aston Turton, Max Atkinson.

It was now Exeter’s turn to start stronger, some good passing and possession. The ball came out to Max on the wing and he sprinted down the wing to just sneak over the line scoring a try. Some good possession & Brixham got a try. 

Brixham had good defence but it didn’t stop Reuben gaining a try. 

Then a great bit of skill from Louis throwing a long pass out to Jack. Jack pushed hard and got the Try. Followed another 2 try’s for Brixham. Great pressure from Exeter and Aston got a try. Reuben got another 2 try’s in the corner. 

4th Quarter Brixham 2, Exeter 4 

Both teams passed the ball around well. Brixham got a try early on. 

Then the ball then got passed by Aston to Reuben who got the Try. 

Some more good passing from Brixham got them another try. Reuben gained another two try’s followed by Max who dodge a lot of tackles and a try from Max. 

Exeter worked really hard today showing how committed they all are and it definitely looked like they had a lot of fun. 

Well done super proud of everyone.