MATCH REPORTS – U8’s played Newton Abbot

U8’s played Newton Abbot, we were able to field 2 teams who both played 2 games and were predominantly the stronger team.

Team 1 – Amarni Brooklyn Kiera Micheal Ollie R Jasmine

Team 2 – Dylan Alfie Freddie Harry Ollie L Jensen

Game 1 NA 4 Exeter 8

The boys started strong with some outstanding tackling from Dylan Alfie and Ollie. This saw Exeter get the ball and Dylan started our scoring with the 1st try of the morning. All game the boys defended well, and kept being able to turnover NA attacks.

We continued to attack well which saw 2 tries from Harry and Ollie got tagged on the line one step try. Amongst this NA saw a gap and were able to score 2 in the 1st half.

After the break the boys continued in the same manner lots of turnover balls and some great passing which saw Harry Freddie and Ollie (2) over the line.

Game 2 NA 4 Exeter 9

The boys started abut slow but soon got their shape, NA had an attaching run which saw our boys defending well, Alfie got the 6th tag saving us from NA getting on the scoresheet.

Straight from this Exeter attacked well with some great running by the whole team Ollie scored.

The tries just kept coming in this half Ollie got another 2, Dylan 2 and Harry. NA were able to brake our defence and put 2 tries on the board.

At half time Alfie had to go so Warwick came to help on loan from NA. Warwick started well, loving tagging his fellow players, a great pass from Warwick saw Dylan over the line. We had some great intercepting in this half by Harry which saw him score another 2.

Jensen had a long run up the pitch but then realised he needed to pass, he passed to Warwick which saw him score his 1st try for Exeter! All in all a brilliant performance for the whole team. 


Match Report – Team B. Ollie, Michael, Brooklyn, Marni, Jasmine, Keira Great performance by all on a lovely sunny Sunday morning at OML. GAME 1 Summary First Half After a slow start and from 0-2 down, we found our feet and form to end the first half and lead with a score of 5-4. Second Half Great performances by all and some amazing diving Tagg’s meant on the final whistle, the score was; Exeter 11 (6 Brooko / 4 Marni / 1 Jasmine) Newton Abbot 9.

GAME 2 summary First Half This was a much harder game with the first half ending 4-5 to Newton Abbot after 2 disallowed try’s against Exeter. Second Half Another disallowed try didn’t stop the team spirit and everyone trying their best and continued to perform really well but unfortunately the game just creeped away from us. Despite a great performance, the game end; Exeter 6 (2 Brooko / 2 Marni / 2 Jasmine) Newton Abbot 9. Everyone played really well and showed great character and most importantly, everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves.