MATCH REPORTS – U13s Bridport at Home

 Well what a contrast and that’s not just the bacon baps. While on bacon baps I realise that I have become a custom to our high quality bacon baps that other clubs just fail to live up to. 

As for the match well we won very convincingly! In fact a number of parents attention span waned and they got distracted by the under 16’s match which was a lot closer affair. Now I know that lots of the boys scored fantastic try’s but unfortunately personal ambition took over from team work. So rather than mentioning the try’s I will discuss those actions that made such a difference from this week’s performance compared with last week.

Let me start with William who made a great break with a hand off and a fantastically timed pass, albeit that his Father try to claim the glory. Passing out of the tackle was great to see and lead to an increase of opportunities.

A fantastic job by all the forwards, the pack was utterly dominate. They won all but one scrum. At one point we had 5 props in the scrum and I felt for Brideport. Games are won and lost in the forwards and it was fantastic to see more players than the usual suspects competing in the ruck. Special mention has to go to Leo who cleared out three opposition when Fin found himself isolated. Just awesome and it lead directly to a try. He then throw a shocker of a Hollywood pass to destroy any hope of getting what would have been a well earned man of the match. The backs get to be the glory boys to finish off the moves and we had a few gems this week. It was good to see Jack back always stalking for interceptions and there is a boy who knows how to make a pass out of the tackle. Harry’s running impressed me again but I’m sure even Harry is getting bored of me going on about it. Kai impresses me with his fearless tackling and he’s such an illusive runner.

It was a fantastic performance and I felt for poor Bridport to catch us in this sort of mood. If we can play like this and drop the personal glory hunters we will be capable of beating anyone.

Thought for the day

Snowflakes are one of nature’s most fragile things, but just look what they can do when they stick together.

Until next week