MATCH REPORTS – U10’s v Sidmouth (Away)

First of all I’d like to say how brilliant the boys were today. I know there are some very proud coaches, parents and grandparents this evening. Well done to our two new players, Archie Clarke and Gus Carruthers, who both had great games.

Team: Rudi Phillips (Capt), Harrison Jelley, Jack Scrivens, Archie Palmer, Archie Thornhill, William McLeod, Josh Ham, Oliver Tillen, Oliver Hargreaves, JJ Slater, Gus Carruthers, Archie Clarke, Oliver Broom

1st Quarter

The game started with a try to Jack S being scored within a minute or so of the start. This followed a scrum and a try from Harrison J. There were some impressive tackles from Archie P and Rudi. Harrison scores a try. Will made a great little run up the pitch with a lovely off load out to Harrison, to score a try. The first half ended with an Exeter knock-on and a scrum to Sidmouth. Score Exeter 4 – Sidmouth 0

2nd Quarter

Sidmouth caught the boys half asleep and restarted the game with a try. Jack S had a lovely little run up the pitch to score a try. Will scores a try. Oliver B makes a great tackle. Exeter push Sidmouth into touch almost on their try line. JJ had an amazing run, great off load out to Harrison who scores a try. Sidmouth return with a try.

Score Exeter 3 – Sidmouth 2

Half time score: Exeter 7 – Sidmouth 2

3rd Quarter

Archie P makes a break and runs in for a try. Rudi on the half way line makes a break and runs straight through the Sidmouth defence to score a try. Oliver T has a great run up the pitch. Jack S scores a try. Harrison J scores a try, closely followed by another try for Harrison J. Sidmouth return with a try, it was unlucky for Archie C who was hot on his heels to put in a tackle. Archie P tackles Sidmouth into touch. Oliver T makes a run of almost 3/4 of the pitch to  score a try. Some great play from Archie P who passes the ball out to Josh, who in return passes out to JJ to score a try.

Score: Exeter 7 – Sidmouth 1

4th Quarter

This Quarter started with another great run from Oliver T to score his second of the day. Closely followed by 2 tries from Rudi. Archie C had a lovely run up the pitch, pass out to Harrison who scores the try. Josh had a fantastic run up the pitch, weaving in and out of the Sidmouth defence, passing out to Archie T who passes out to Oliver H who scores a try.

Score: Exeter 4 – Sidmouth 0

Full time score: Exeter 19 – Sidmouth 3

Congratulations to this weeks players of the week.

Oppositions player of the week – Harrison Jelley

Parents player of the week – Oliver Tillen

Coaches player of the week – Archie Clarke