As you all know the U10 to U14 will be taking part in “Silent Sideline Sunday” on 29 Oct away at Exeter Youth, and our U7 to U9 will be taking part at Astley Park.

It is a fantastic initiative. 

You are allowed to clap / applaud!!! You are all asked to “keep talking to a minimum on the side lines. One coach from each team will be given the task to instruct (not during the game) whilst everyone else watches in silence”.

It will be great for the children to be able to make their own decisions on the pitch.

No more confusing mixed messages from coaches and parents. How many times as a coach have you heard parents shouting something you don’t want the players to do? How many times have 2 coaches shouted different things to players confusing them? Think how hard this is for the players. THIS IS ALSO ABOUT EDUCATING ADULTS.

Watch and see how they react to making their own decisions, having to talk more as a team, and work things out for themselves.

For more information please see

#silentsidelinesunday campaign

In addition to the pledge, Brixham RFC Youth will be promoting in partnership with Exeter Youth RFC a #silentsidelinesunday campaign. On the 29th October 2017, the Juniors of Brixham RFC and Exeter Youth Rugby RFC play at Oil Mill Lane/Astley Park and Adam Mudge of Brixham RFC will be enforcing a ‘silent sideline’ supporting the RFU and the proven positives of allowing children to make their own decisions on the pitch, play with no pressure and reinforcing Rugby values connected to respect for officials, players and coaches.

Cheryl McGauley, Chairman of Exeter Youth RFC Junior Section and campaign partners said ‘It’s incredible hard not to coach from the sidelines, shouting instructions and thinking it helps, I’ve done it in the past myself without thinking. It’s proven to destroys confidence long term and we want to empower our kids. So clapping only please! – we are asking all clubs in Devon to join us on the 29th October, so tweet, FB and blow the internet up with #silentsidelinesunday!’