The Exeter Foundation Presents Exeter Youth Rugby with a Generous Donation

Committed to benefiting local people and organisations, the Exeter Foundation has generously donated £5,367.36 to us at Exeter Youth Rugby.

Describing the impact of donations like these, Cheryl McGauley, Chairperson of Exeter Youth Rugby, stated: “We are so lucky to have an organisation like the Exeter Foundation supporting our work here at Exeter Youth Rugby, and to be one of the 20 charities they support in the area. We’re determined to make the facilities here first-rate for our young players and funds like these will go a long way towards helping with that.”

As a ‘Civic Trust’, The Exeter Foundation was ‘born out of the desire of the Exeter Chiefs and a group of Exeter businessmen to create a focus for the future of the city and its surroundings, for the benefit of all citizens’*. And, having presented numerous cheques to organisations throughout the area during the Exeter Chiefs Season Launch Dinner, Cheryl said that the club was ‘absolutely delighted’ to be one of recipients on that evening.

“The Exeter Foundation has such a great ethos and we’re incredibly lucky to have received such a generous amount of money from them. Our current priority is to raise funds for a new, permanent clubhouse to be built on our grounds at Oil Mill Lane, so this is a real boost for us.”