Our Club

Exeter Youth Rugby is a pure ‘grassroots’ rugby club with over 200 players from ages 7-17.  The club is founded on the principle of ‘children first’ and promotes rugby to children of all abilities, encouraging skills development through fun and inclusive coaching.   

Located just 5 miles East of Exeter, our club is positioned on what used to be a large farmer’s field (not quite a cabbage patch!).  We’ve worked really hard to create fantastic pitches – in fact, we’ve only just stopped needing to pick stones up from them before the start of each match! 

Our facilities, however, are quite basic, somewhat rundown and very temporary (portacabins, small marquee etc.). And, through our 60K Friend Challenge, what we’d really like to do, is build a brand new clubhouse for our wonderful players, as well as provide a welcoming venue for all our visiting teams! 

The 60K Friend Challenge Project

We need to find 60,000 Friends who are willing to donate £5 each. This will help us raise £300,000 to pay for a brand new, sustainable clubhouse and associated facilities.

And, with planning permission already granted, we’d really like to start building as soon as possible. However, the costs are very high due to the lack of key infrastructure (mains power, drainage etc.), so we really need your help to make this happen.

We need you to join the 60k Friend Challenge and donate.

Our ultimate aim is have the facility ready in time for the Rugby World Cup 2019. So, this is your chance to help Exeter Youth Rugby meet this challenge – will you be our Friend?

How can you help?

Exeter Youth Rugby needs you to join our 60K Friend Challenge and donate towards building the clubhouse, putting in mains power and drainage, changing/shower facilities and hopefully equipping every room, including buying items such as a large TV on which to watch the Rugby World Cup!! 

And, if we smash our target, we would also like to buy some floodlights, so that our players can train during the evening in the winter months. 

And what have we got to offer you in return?

Well, we’ve got loads of unique rewards to say thank you for being our friend.  The more you give, the more you get. From limited edition ‘I am a friend of Exeter Youth Rugby’ car stickers, t-shirts & polo shirts, through to having your name permanently displayed on our ‘Friendship Wall’ within the new Clubhouse.  Perhaps best of all though ….. in addition to all of the goodies above, you will be invited as a VIP to our opening ceremony and become one of our Best Friends!!

So, to donate, simply visit:

When you get to our Crowdfunding page, all the rewards are listed to the right, just click to donate and claim them.  All amounts are minimum donations but whatever you give, you’re guaranteed a warm feeling inside knowing that your support will help the youth of today and the next generation too.  So, now that you have heard our story, why not join us on our journey – go on, join…….The 60k Friend Challenge!